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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions we receive. If you don't find the answer to the question you have here, please feel free to contact us at Contact[at] or Click Here.

Question: "Do you have a list of the schools, colleges, universities you offer diplomas for?"
Answer: Yes - Click Here
Question: "Can you produce a novelty diploma or transcript for a school that isn't on your list?"
Answer: Possibly - Email us at Contact[at] with as much information as possible and we will let you know. It also doesn't hurt to include any images that you might have available to give us a better idea of what you are interested in.
Question: "Can I customize my transcripts to include specific courses, grades, or transfer credits? If so, how do I do it and when?"
Answer: Yes! We can customize your transcripts to include whatever courses or information you wish for no extra charge.

All we ask is that you have all of the information you would like for us to include on your transcripts submitted to us before or when you submit your payment information. Please send all custom transcript information to Orders (at)

We also prefer to have your transcript information in writing to prevent any errors, but generally whatever format you would like to submit your custom transcript information in will work for us (email, .doc, .txt, .pdf, etc.). If you would just like to specify a few details and let us complete the rest, you can enter the information in the "additional information" box on our Online Order Form, or if you would like to include more detailed information, you can also download our "Custom Transcript Form".

Click Here to Download our Custom Transcript Form
Question: "If I send you a photo or copy of an existing diploma or transcript can you replicate it?"
Answer: Most likely. If you have an existing diploma or transcript and would like to see if we can produce a replica, send us an email to Contact[at]!
Question: "Do your transcripts come with a 'guide' printed on the back like the real transcripts?"
Answer: Yes - For more information, please be sure to visit our fake transcripts page.
Question: "Do your diplomas come with embossed seals?"
Answer: Yes - Most of our diplomas (and sometimes even our transcripts as well) do come with embossed seals. We make every attempt to make sure our diplomas and transcripts are as authentic as possible, so if the authentic diploma or transcript has an embossed seal, so will the replica diploma or transcript you order from us.
Question: "Do you offer a 'Verification Service'?"
Answer: Yes - Click Here!
Question: "How soon will I receive my order?"
Answer: With our Standard U.S. and Canadian shipping, most orders ship within 10-14 days, however some orders can take as much as 3 weeks to arrive. Additionally, we can not guarantee shipping times or provide tracking numbers with our "Standard" shipping options. You can however, still track the progress of your order online.

With our "Express" shipping options, you can receive your order in as little as 3 days and also request a tracking number for your order as well as track the progress of your order on our web site.
Question: "Can you send me a 'proof' of the document before it is shipped?"
Answer: Yes - If you would like to receive a 'proof' to ensure the diploma or transcript meets your expectations, we can email one request. Please be sure to let us know you would like to see a 'proof' when you place your order (or shortly thereafter) however so we can make a note of it on your order.
Question: "Can I get a tracking number with my order?"
Answer: Tracking numbers are currently only provided with our Express Shipping options, however all orders are shipped using some type of delivery confirmation to verify your order has been delivered successfully.
Question: "Do you offer any guarantees?"
Answer: Yes - Click Here.
Question: "How do I pay for my order?"
Answer: For an up-to-date list of payment options, Click Here.
Question: "Can I pay for my order with my credit card or through PayPal?"
Answer: Not at this time. For more information on why we do not currently accept credit cards or Paypal, click here.
Question: "I purchased a diploma from a different 'fake diploma' web site recently and was completely disappointed. If I place an order with, how do I know the diploma and transcript quality will be any better?"
Answer: produces the highest quality replica diplomas and transcripts available anywhere. As a matter of fact we guarantee it.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of our replica diplomas or transcripts and can find better, more authentic quality products anywhere else, we will be more than happy to provide you with a full refund. We will even refund the shipping costs! has set the standard for producing the highest quality replica and fake diplomas and transcripts. We think the quality of our products is evident in everything from our web site and customer service to our easy online ordering process.
Question: "I have read some good reviews about your company on some websites and some bad reviews on others. How do I know your site is trustworthy? "
Answer: We have actually noticed quite a few "reviews" recently from supposed "customers" of ours (who we have never heard of nor have done business with) who claim we produce poor quality products and even claim we have ripped them off in one way or another. We have even received emails from customers asking us about this.

Unfortunately there are some not-so-honest fake diploma sites out there that have made it a common practice to post messages on random web forums, message boards, and even consumer fraud sites posing as customers of more popular, legitimate, and honest sites (like ours) claiming they have been "ripped-off". This is really just an attempt to ruin the good reputations of websites like our own or at the very least confuse people into not knowing what to think. Many of these not-so-honest sites out there do rip people off and DO have people that post legitimate warning messages to other customers about their services. The not-so-honest sites seem to have decided that since they really can't control what people say about their own sites online that they will post even WORSE comments about their competitors to ensure that they still look like the most trustworthy site to consumers. This actually seems to be a growing problem with many of the top novelty diploma sites online and there are a number of websites that have decided to put a statement on their website informing customers of the problem.

We actually seem to have attracted the attention of one particular competitor/site owner from the Houston, Texas area who seems bent on convincing everyone that DiplomaXpress is a "scam" and that we are a "rip-off". This person seems to like to post negative comments all over the internet every few months or so in waves for whatever reason. We know exactly who is doing this, but we won't name any names because every time we do it just seems to antagonize this person into posting a new wave a hate-filled comments about our web site. It doesn't take too much investigation to figure out who is behind it though seeing as most of these negative comments include a link to this person's own fake diploma sites or fake diploma "review" sites.

There really isn't too much we or anyone else can do to stop these people from posting whatever they want on the internet. Many of the supposed "customer reviews" about our own site that we have seen have been posted on random, anonymous, un-monitored message forums that are hosted in other countries and have nothing to do with novelty diploma sites. All we can do at this point is to inform our customers of the problem and continue to do business in an honest fashion. We guarantee that if you purchase from us and can find a more realistic novelty diploma or transcript anywhere else we will issue you a full refund!
Havent found the answer to your question? Please feel free to contact us or check out our site map!

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