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...Professor Arthur McDunkin PhD, Mch., MBA, MBE of the University College London concluded there is some credence in Kerkorian's observation. 'Diplomaxpress is still the leader in this field with with a market share of 60pc. But that's down 10 percentage points from the same period last year which shows competition is gaining ground'.

An authority on fake credentials, author of two bestsellers 'Contraband Certificates' and 'Our Cheating Society' and writer of numerous papers on the subject, Prof. Arthur didn't fail to notice the improvements in the 'efficiencies' and 'perceived authenticity' of these company's products.

In an experimental study conducted last year, the original diploma was voted fourth [by experts] out of the total five diplomas on display, all of them fake but one .

“last year it was number three” he said.

The Professor also noted that “these guys have become so good at producing fakes which are more real than the real McCoys; the seals, holograms and all- done with such aviation precision that this is surely evidence of highly skilled workmanship and frankly speaking, the phonies are of better quality paper

- Newsync Article - October 4th, 2009

DiplomaXpress Reviews & Testimonials

Here are some "Thank You" notes we have received from our past customers.

We care what our customer's think of our service and the quality of our products. If you have recently placed an order with, let us know what you think! If you allow us to post your comment or review here, you can earn a 25% discount towards all future orders also!

"Ira" - South Korea
"I received the package this afternoon. It was greater than I expected. I just want to tell you 'Thank you so much'. I really appreciate what you 've done for me. Please, keep my information with you. I might need more of your help very soon.

Thanks once again. Wish you the best!"
Jack M. - Marlborough, Ma.
" ...The document also looks awesome. You really offer what you say you offer, so thanks for that."
" ...the diploma looks great and I will certainly display it with pride."
Chris K. - Oakland, Ca.
" have proven your'e legitimate...
" ...I really appreciate your quality work and honesty."
Kasee D. - Los Angeles, Ca.
"Perfect. I appreciate the extra effort on your part."
"I am impressed with your work."
Alicia H. - LaPlace, La.
" I received my order this evening and as always was quite pleased with my order. You guys are fantastic and have done your usual great job.
Thanks a million!!
Seah H. - Singapore
The diploma was delivered to me today. Great quality. I like it."
"...will get back to you within the next couple of weeks to possibly order a transcript!"
Randall C. - Pleasant Hill, Mo.
My documents arrived today and I was elated."
The quality is everything you said it would be."

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