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Verification Services

DiplomaXpress.com now offers our EXCLUSIVE "Verification Service" for all fake diploma and transcript products we offer!

How it works...

By law, the
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Regulations (FERPA) mandates that all requests for academic verification be made by either electronic fax or by mail - no exceptions.

Because the vast majority of academic verifications are made by fax, when you purchase our verification service we will include our own U.S. / Canadian toll-free fax number where verification requests can be sent. For customers who purchase transcripts, our toll-free fax verification number will also be included on your transcripts under the registrar contact information which is most often when verifying academic records.

When we receive a fax requesting verification of your academic record, we will respond with a custom confirmation letter as well as a copy of your academic transcripts (if applicable) in the same way an actual college or university registrar department would.

Additionally, your order information will be kept in our system and our verification service will remain active for 2 years from date of purchase.

Disclaimer: Please note that our "verification service" is only available for customers purchasing novelty degrees from the U.S. and Canada. The DiplomaXpress verification service offered here is intended for novelty uses only (to help you go that "extra mile" when it comes to convincing your parents that you actually used your college tuition money towards tuition instead of on spring break in Mexico for instance...) and is in no way intended to help you commit fraud.
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